Saudi Arabia Should See This

Zaid hamid

Saudi Arabia should either change its flag or force FIFA or any country which is making/using this ball….Kalima does not belong to Saudis, it belongs to all Ummah…this is blasphemy…. Iran should be careful too. First German bear bottle caps & now this We hope Saudi govt would realize and these samples should be complaint. Credit: Zaid Hamid Link:https// Newspakistan  

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Shahbaz sharif to contest from Karachi in general Election 2018

ex cm playing cards in 2018 elections

The Ex CM of Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif is going to hold the train ticket of Karachi to participate in general elections.It is going to be a revolution in Pmln because their history with sindh was never been quiet good and there is a history of Mqm and other political parties in Karachi.So maybe Shahbaz sharif who is the next candidate of Pm from Pmln is trying to be a super man from other part of the country. Well we wish him a good luck  hope he can tackle Karachi…

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