Love us we are Muslims

nothing more than islam

Aslam.o.alaikum ALLAH is the Greatest of all and we all have beleive on this nothing more than that just a full stop.
Rise Pakistani
Many religions does exist on this planet budhist,hindu,jewish,catholic,Christanity and our very own and the Final Destination Islam nothing more than Islam.Islam is the religion of Love and Harmony our Teacher Our inspiration and Love of Life Mohammad (SAW) gave us the best of All.Mohammad (SAW) never spread hate never said anything wrong against his worst enemy He (SAW) was the One and Only.

But now a days people of different religions are hurting spreading hate against Muslims and doing stupid things why is that how someone do that ???.If someone can analyze it how the world is changing simple is that where is People dying only in Islamic societies are we that much idiot that we are killing our own brothers and sisters.I guess not no one is that much stupid we are people of love we love everyone but Yes these jewish Lobbies are creating issues between us what is going on in Kashmir,Syria,Palestine, everyone knows What is ISIS we all know what is this shit all about.All the militants groups are highly funded by jewish People all the media is working under the shade of Jewish fathers there is lot to discuss but i guess i will cry if i continue to write it.

Religion is a private matter no one have any right to claim that “i’m the best i have more love for religion than you”

How could a non muslim who have no Knowledge about Islam spread hate about islam I don’t want to mention that man’s name in this blog becasue it really hurts me when we Respect all why some one else hate us???

We as a muslim should need to spread love with our other brothers and sisters of different religions.Islam and Mohammad (SAW) always said “Kindness is a mark of faith, and whoever has not kindness has not faith” also SAW said that “None of you truly believes until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself”.These are the simplest two quotes of MOHAMMAD (SAW) and just asking for love just imagine if you read all His quotes how would you imagine than Islam.Just read Islam and than say you hate us  ????

nothing but Islam
love us we love you more

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