The Imran Khan

hope the very best on 25th of this july

IMRAN KHAN—-the shoe shiner boy of PAKISTAN—preached change for more than twenty years and his fruitful efforts made him one of the major stakeholders in national life.In 2013 he won in K P. He was considered to the symbol of change—-the other name of peaceful revolution——–but during the last five years he comprised all that he preached. He got tired in the middle of his journey. He neglected the veterans of his organisation and selected the arc-opertunists from the political scrapyard of PAKISTAN. His role in senate elections is highly disappointing he wished to win deputy chairman from F A T A —–being the champion of FATA’s people’s right but he could not present a single person who could be his candidate and voted for Mondiwala what a tragedy
The senate was resounded with slogans: long live zardari !Today his political party is the biggest pro -establishment party,it has become a beauty parlour where old ugly faces being beautified . Gone with the wind all those romantic political thoughts and values he used to preach. The nation has lost the social reformist . Balds

Have to think who is this Imran Khan?????

Written by: Aamer Maqsood

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