Saudi Arabia Should See This

Zaid hamid

Saudi Arabia should either change its flag or force FIFA or any country which is making/using this ball….Kalima does not belong to Saudis, it belongs to all Ummah…this is blasphemy…. Iran should be careful too. First German bear bottle caps & now this We hope Saudi govt would realize and these samples should be complaint. Credit: Zaid Hamid Link:https// Newspakistan  

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Russia ready to use made in Pakistan

world cup around the corner

Thermo bonded football made in Sialkot is going to be used in Russian world cup 2018.Its been all set to play now Pakistani made ball is always been a treat to watch it does have attraction around the globe.Sialkot is a famous city of Pakistan where sports goods is manufactured and exported to other countries Moreover we should feel proud about it that we are having such land

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Samona halep won her first grand slam

no 1 wta

So this lady had to wait a lot and now she is the new grand slam winner as frunch open women category got by her where in the final she lifted the trophy The Romanian Star hurts the American high octane lady Stephen the final score was 3-6 6-4 6-1 according to her she was not confident that she can do that because she was just down and out not feeling comfortable.The wta rank 1 is now on her way to challenge everyone on this planet now congrats to her

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