Hashish swine in Pakistan ??? should end this

this need to be solved

Hashish supply in Pakistan is causing so much issues in our society many suppliers around the streets are goons and rascals whom have many extortion and kidnap cases making our society cheap and harmful As we all know that all the drugs are coming from the other side of the border Afghanistan.Afghan’s land is a big manufacturer of these type of drugs we are still trying to overcome the exixtence of these swines but still so much work to do in this context we as a Nation have to step…

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PTI Vs PML(N) Battle In Nankana Sahib (Member of the National Assembly)

battle in the guru nagri

     PTI  VS  PML(N)             CANDIDATES            NA-117 Nankana Sahib-I     PTI-NA 117  (Choudhry Bilal Ahmed Virk) (Urdu: چوہدری بلال احمد ورک‬‎; born 1 January 1974) is a Pakistani politician who had been a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan, from 2002 to May 2018 He was elected to the National Assembly of Pakistan as a candidate of Pakistan Muslim League (Q) (PML-Q) from Constituency NA-136 (Sheikhupura-VI) in Pakistani general election, 2002.He received 63,617 votes and defeated Syed Muhammad Akbar Shah, a candidate of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP). He was re-elected to…

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27th Ramadan Quran night

Muslims of all around the world will pray tonight to get rid of their sins.Allah will listen the heart of His beloved people.Quran was completed tonight,it was the night which is superior then all according to the history The night of of Power.we would like to share a dua with you all. “O ALLAH YOU ARE THE MOST FORGIVING AND MOST GRACIOUS! YOU LOVE TO PARDON,so pardon me” Newspakistan

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