Happy Eid :)

eid is all about caring sharing loving

We wish a very warm healthy wealthy yummy skummy blushing Eid to you and your love ones. We should realize our faults and forgive our friends whom are not any more with us,we can make this eid big.But we need to think out of the box to do that.People with a golden heart waiting for us to come and hug them,need of the hour is that just shut your ego off,smile and hug Hope anyone of you do consider it may Allah bless us Newspakistan  

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27th Ramadan Quran night

Muslims of all around the world will pray tonight to get rid of their sins.Allah will listen the heart of His beloved people.Quran was completed tonight,it was the night which is superior then all according to the history The night of of Power.we would like to share a dua with you all. “O ALLAH YOU ARE THE MOST FORGIVING AND MOST GRACIOUS! YOU LOVE TO PARDON,so pardon me” Newspakistan

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