Sharif family Appeal filed in Islamabad high court

Sharif family is going to make it big as they are going in Ihc so.We should have to wait and watch what is going to happen in next 1,2 weeks it will be a big deal in my opinion establishment will go through thier mind set against Nawaz sharif beacause he is a Pakistan Leader and ex pm so there are lots of work coming up.We have to see where the shades gonna end

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Ali Muhammad Khan face of Pti but

Ali Muhammad khan without pti ticket

The man who stood always with Imran khan and made Pti party more efficient through his speeches and through his courage to be on right side is not been given the party ticket till now. Moreover it was quiet surprising because he was suppose to be the face of pti but was not been supported by his party.The main thing which needs to be discussed here is that if Ali Muhammad Khan is not the person for party ticket who else they have who’s charisma is required for them.The point…

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